Monday, February 20, 2023

My first and last failed mission - Part 5

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Natalia kissed Amanda’s lips as she pulled her pants on. The other woman was still naked in bed while Natalia wiped the sweat from her forehead. She loved how explosive her male orgasms were, and she loved the fact that so many women were drawn to her. “How was it, slut?” Natalia asked.

“You’re so much better than my husband,” Amanda said while she played with the cum dripping out of her canal. “You actually know everything a girl wants. I’m definitely going to come back.”

That made Natalia smirk while she caressed her muscular arms. She had always been a bit envious of the strength and confidence that men seemed to possess. So when she was given the chance to have her mind placed in a fit, muscular male body, she jumped at the opportunity. 

But she wasn’t expecting to be placed into the body of the biggest asshole on the planet. The thought of being temporarily in Ron’s body made her sick to her stomach. He had dated every single one of her female coworkers, and he always broke their hearts.

Natalia was overwhelmed by the sensations of her new body when she first settled into it. The muscles were tight and powerful, the skin was rough and hairy, and the voice was deep and resonant. But as she started to explore her new physique, she found herself feeling invigorated and energized in ways she never had before. She also realized that she could avenge her coworkers.

Natalia reveled in the newfound strength of her body. She would spend hours at the gym, pushing herself to lift heavier and heavier weights, relishing in the burn of her muscles as they strained against the weight. She loved the feeling of power that came from being able to easily lift heavy objects and the way her biceps bulged when she flexed her arms.

The attention she received from others was also a thrill for Natalia. Women were so easy, and women were what she needed to get back at Ron. The body swap involved a transfer of all rights and consent. Both parties could do whatever they wanted so long as it didn’t result in death. 

Natalia had been sleeping with every gym slut she could find over the past week. She constantly had unprotected sex, and according to her own tallies, a minimum of 80 women had been impregnated. “Once he gets this body back, he’s going to be in for a very nice surprise.”

But the moment her phone began to buzz was the moment her life turned upside down. She opened her phone and saw a photo of her in lingerie. Confused, she looked at the caption, and she felt her heart drop. “I’m not giving your body back,” an ominous text message stated.

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  1. I love how Natalia is giving in to the needs of her body, but thinks she's just using it as a way to get revenge. Thus deluding herself. Then the text and photo might make it seem like Ron is stealing her body. After all, she doesn't know Ron blew his cover and was taken prisoner.