Saturday, February 11, 2023

My brother's punishment

“How’re you feeling?” Anabelle asked her big brother while she watched him from the bathroom doorway. “Are you having an easier time with that?”

“I’ve figured the foundation stuff out thanks to you,” he said. “I remember most of the stuff you showed me yesterday. How does it look?”

She smiled at him. “It looks really good. You even did your lashes.” Mark was getting ready for a night out with his new friends. He was a little nervous, but he was also excited for this new chapter in his life. There was just one problem - Mark had been cursed by his ex-girlfriend, Lia, to become a girl forever using magic.

At first, Mark was scared and didn't know what to do. He had never been interested in make-up or fashion, but now he was forced to embrace a new reality. But as time passed, Mark began to accept his new identity and was eager to learn more about being a girl. That's where his sister Anabelle came in. She was always there for Mark, and she was more than happy to help him get ready for his night out. She showed him how to apply make-up, how to style his hair, and how to pick out the perfect outfit. She even helped him with getting morning after pills so that he wouldn’t get pregnant.

As Mark looked in the mirror, he was amazed at what he saw. He had never felt more confident or beautiful. He twirled around in front of the mirror, admiring his new look. He felt like a completely different person, and he was excited to see what his friends would think.

Anabelle hugged Mark, seemingly happy to see her brother so happy and confident. She knew that this wouldn't be an easy journey for him. After all, she was actually the reason why Mark had become a woman in the first place. It wasn’t magic - it was her own doing.

Mark went out with his friends, feeling like a brand new person while his little sister watched from the second floor of their home. He had broken up with her best friend, and Anabelle was desperate to get revenge. So, she snuck in a gender swapping pill into one of Mark’s meals. When taken in high enough doses, a person’s gender could temporarily change. It was experimental and could only be used on livestock to help with food shortages. If done regularly enough, the transition can become permanent.

She was excited to see how far this punishment would take him. “I wonder if he’ll over rely on those morning after pills at some point,” she said slyly while she watched her brother get driven away. “This is what you get for fucking my best friend over.” She closed the blinds and made sure to find her stash of gender swapping pills. Her brother loved to drink protein shakes for his workouts, so she was going to make absolutely sure that he’d never become a man again.

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