Friday, February 17, 2023

My first and last failed mission - Part 2

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Ron quickly tried to explain his presence, but Tim wasn't buying it. He demanded an explanation, and Ron had no choice but to come clean and reveal his true identity. To his surprise, Tim was understanding and even sympathetic to Ron's situation. Instead of turning him over to the guards, Tim offered to help him gather information about the criminal network, hoping to clear his name once and for all. Ron agreed, and the two began working together by spending a few minutes poring over financial records. Ron realized that it was an associate working under Tim that had caused all of the misunderstandings.

But despite knowing that the man was clear, Ron continued to keep digging around. He wasn’t sure what it was. He was wasting time, yet he didn’t care. Being beside Tim was awakening something within him. At first, he was worried about what it meant to his long term masculinity, but the longer he stood beside the other man, the more turned on he became.

He wasn’t sure what it was. Maybe it was the man’s good looks, or maybe it was just his female body. Or maybe it was something that went deeper than that - something that had always been there but never explored. Ron casted another glance at the other man, and he realized that his racing heart and intensifying heat were pulling him closer and closer to him.

His tall, broad-shouldered frame exuded confidence and strength, commanding attention whenever he entered a room. His skin was tanned and smooth, and his facial features were perfectly symmetrical, giving him an air of refinement and elegance. His style was impeccable, with perfectly tailored suits and designer shoes, showcasing his impeccable taste and eye for detail. His smile was infectious, lighting up his face and making those around him feel at ease. 

When he spoke, his voice was deep and resonant, drawing Ron in and keeping him captivated with every word. He had a magnetic personality, and his charm and charisma were undeniable. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before Ron finally received all the information he needed to clear the stockbroker’s name. “So it really is one of your employees,” Ron said. “He’s not even under your chain of influence, though. He’s in another corporation.”

“I always knew he was trouble,” Tim admitted after rubbing his eyes. “I’ll have my manager look into this once I deal with him. Are you going to be arresting him?”

“I’ll have my team coordinate it. You won’t have to worry about anything. I’m sorry for inconveniencing you…”

“I’m actually glad you gave me a chance to clear my name,” the stockbroker admitted. “I honestly thought you were going to interrogate me a little more violently. I wasn’t expecting you to be so reasonable.”

“Is that something you’d like?” Ron raised a brow and smiled upon turning to face him. He studied the other man’s eyes and immediately planted a kiss against his lips.

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  1. I wonder if the female body has messed with Ron's mind? Tim really is a criminal and fooled Ron into thinking it was a low level employee.