Saturday, March 4, 2023

Becoming the sexiest girl at college - Part 5


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Kim's heart raced as she struggled to swim in a thick, murky sea of mud. Her eyes had opened up to the sound of fizzing, and when she found herself practically drowning, she was afraid of what would happen next. “Is this what she saw when I absorbed her?” She asked aloud while she moved through the mud.

She had been wading through the sludge for what felt like hours by the time she heard a woman laughing in the distance. Now, the more she fought to get out, the deeper she sank. An invisible force seemed to be pulling her down, dragging her under and keeping her from reaching the surface.

With every passing second, Kim felt the mud closing in around her, forming a towering figure that seemed to rise up and tower above her. She tried to scream, to cry out for help, but her voice was muffled by the thick mud. 

Janice’s voice cackled. “Your athletic figure and her dark skin and pretty face are a great pairing. It’s a shame you won’t able to use it anymore once it becomes mine forever.”

The towering figure had grown even larger, casting a dark shadow over her that seemed to swallow her whole. Kim felt a sense of despair wash over her, realizing that she was truly stuck. But even in the face of defeat, Kim refused to give up. She was strong. She was determined. She wasn’t about to be submissive. 

She kicked and thrashed, trying to free herself from the mud's grasp while also swimming away from the towering figure. To her surprise, the mud figure began to take the shape of Janice’s round body. Her skin and blonde hair became more pronounced, and large version of her teacher was floating after her. 

Kim screamed, but it was no use, especially when the towering figure reached down and forced its massive body down her throat. The more she struggled, the deeper she sank with the large mass trying to fill her insides. 

The stretching pain made her struggle in the sea of mud. She knew that her fight was over and that there was nothing left to do. She closed her eyes and let out one final gasp for air before she was completely swallowed by the mud.

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