Sunday, July 3, 2022

Running out of time Part 1


“Whoa, wait, I don’t like you like that,” he said.

Eve looked back at Richard in disbelief. After the two flirted for the past three hours, she was expecting so much more out of this. She only had five hours to enjoy her granddaughter’s young body before the spell would reverse everything.

Henrietta agreed to switch bodies with her with the help of Eve’s spell book. Eve was dying, and she wanted to have one final chance at living life before the temporary spell would force her back into her sickly body. But before the swap, Eve tried to find ways to make the swap permanent, but it was only possible through sexual intercourse. She thought that would be easy, especially since Henrietta was extremely pretty. The old woman was willing to do the unthinkable.

But out of all the guys she could’ve flirted with at the bar, Richard was the unlucky pick. He was a gay man who only wanted to be friends. Eve had plenty of those - what she lacked were romantic relationships. With zero intimacy, the dying grandmother had no experience in the modern dating scene. The last man she had been with was her husband of seventy years before he died.

She was a fish out of water, and now she was going to lose her chance at stealing her granddaughter’s body. She could already feel her control slowly fading away. “Well ... do you ... were you ever curious? Did you ever want to try things out?”

“Noppers,” he said bluntly. “Never did. Never will. But look - I get it. We all got needs. Honey, I know a guy or two that would love you. Want me to call them?”

“Are they in the city?”

“They live in the apartment building we’re standing on,” he answered nonchalantly as he scrolled through his phone. A mischievous smile stretched across Eve’s face. 

Hope wasn’t lost after all.

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