Saturday, July 23, 2022

Bullying him again - Part 2

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After Adam felt his entire body shiver with endless delight, a strange thing began to happen. His body slowly stopped shaking, but his arms and legs felt numb. The only thing he could feel was his face twisting into a smile as Cynthia’s body sat up.

“My ... are you hard right now?” Cynthia’s mouth purred. Kenny only stared in horror at first as he took a step back. Cynthia crossed her legs. “I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“None of this makes sense,” Kenny said. “You were talking a lot like somebody I knew. Are you seriously flirting with me after trying to hurt my feelings?” When Cynthia shook her head, Kenny’s face softened. Before he could say anything else, Adam felt the girl’s entire body shifting and moving across the room. Cynthia got onto her hands and knees, pulled her stepbrother’s pants down, and giggled with surprise when Kenny’s hard cock sprang to attention.

“Oh wow, I didn’t think you were so big!” Cynthia cooed. “This is probably the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Young people are so different these days...”

Kenny didn’t seem to notice the weird statement coming out of his stepsister’s mouth, especially when her lips swallowed him whole. But Adam could only realize in horror that his grandmother was controlling him somehow. He could feel everything, but the old woman was in control. “Stop,” Adam thought. “Stop!”

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