Monday, July 4, 2022

Running out of time Part 2


Richard’s friend, Mark, wasn’t the gentleman that Eve was expecting to meet. She expected some muscle head who swore more than he talked. But she was pleased to learn that he was just as sweet as Albert, her dead husband. She and the two men talked until Richard finally offered to step out of the apartment.

When he did that, Eve wasn’t sure what to say after that. For the first time in decades, she felt shy and embarrassed. But Mark captivated her attention. Sentence by sentence, she steadily came out of her anxious shell, and she made the first move.

It all felt so bad doing this in her granddaughter’s body. But she couldn’t believe how wild she felt. She didn’t remember feeling this horny in her youth. As she sat on his hard lap and planted kisses against his chiseled body, the two ended up making sweet love right in the living room while Richard listened in from out in the apartment hallway.

Eve decided to stay the entire week. By the time she finally returned to her dying body’s house, Henrietta had already realized that the spell was lasting longer than it should have. When she confronted her grandmother about it in the front yard, the old woman laughed and smiled at her. “Yeah, I would want to come back into this body too. You shouldn’t have agreed to giving up your body. That was careless of you.”

“Wait, what are you talking about? Is that why we haven’t switched back, nana? You do realize that I’m going to tell everybody, right?”

“Nobody would ever believe you.” Eve laughed as her old body started to run out of breath. Her granddaughter winced and fell to her knees. “Don’t stress yourself. It’s dangerous. You already have heart problems. You don’t want to run out of time too quickly.” She caressed her thighs and kissed the air. “Don’t worry, I won’t let your life go to waste. After having all this fun in your young body, there’s no way I’m giving it up.”

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