Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The New Mom

“I don’t plan on going back,” his deep voice said. Louis stared at his witch friend, Tammie, with nothing but horror on his face as she smirked in his taller, paler body. The thought of being her forever was scaring him. After he voluntarily switched bodies with her so that she could take his math exam for him, he agreed to look after her three kids. Unfortunately, Tammie had other plans in mind. “I’ll have to make a ton of changes, but you already have a feminine face. With some new breasts and some extra work, I’ll be able to pass off as ‘Louise.’ Gosh, you even had the perfect name.”

“Tammie, you’re starting to scare me. What do you mean you don’t plan on going back?”

“I felt trapped after having my triplets,” she said while crossing Louis’ buff arms. “Then I got stuck with that asshole of a boyfriend. Suffering through family dinners with his parents were pushed me over the edge. I’m just glad you voluntarily agreed to switch bodies. You need consent for that.”

“Well, I’m removing my consent now,” Louis said vainly. “I didn’t agree to be a mom. I took care of your kids just like you wanted me to - I didn’t want this to be permanent!” But there was nothing Louis could do. With Tammie planning on transitioning his body, Louis felt helpless. He was going to watch another person change his body while he had to get used to being a housewife.

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