Sunday, July 10, 2022

Acting for her


Lee looked over his shoulder and smirked when he saw part of his bum showing. His girlfriend’s body looked incredible in the cute little dress he’d picked out. He wanted to dress her up to impress the talk show host, but he found himself being a little too impressed. Kass (left) and Samantha (right) stood at his sides and looked at the mirror behind them. “Are you sure you want that one, Sona? You could’ve picked another one,” Kass said.

Samantha shook her head. “I think she looks great.” She smiled and moved across the room with Kass to close the closet. They were all about to go out on stage for Sona’s big interview, so Kass and Samantha were naturally a little nervous. “I really don’t want to do this.”

“We have to,” Kass said softly while she looked over at Lee. She examined him from head to toe as he smiled back at her. Nobody knew who he was, but he could tell that they seemed a little suspicious of him. “You don’t seem that nervous. I’m surprised.”

“Nothing to be scared of, ladies,” he responded while running his hands along his curvy waist. “Our interview’s going to be fine. Besides, nobody’s going to say anything if we fuck up. You do realize how amazing we look, right?” The two friends laughed nervously and tried to distract themselves as Lee admired his girlfriend’s body. The entire point for Lee being in his girlfriend’s body. The two had temporarily swapped bodies at the Body Swap Clinic. Since Sona was afraid of public speaking, she was desperate to avoid it. But being one of the three major managers at their new start up company, Sona and her two friends desperately needed to communicate their newest app to their audience.

Thankfully, Lee was a prolific public speaker who knew how to entertain an audience. He didn’t realize how fun being a girl was until his second day as Sona. It all came so naturally to him, and he found that the high heels and skimpy dresses were things that he wished Sona used more often. He couldn’t wait to show off his body. Maybe she’ll realize just how perfect she is on TV, he thought happily as he walked out on stage.

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