Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Fully transitioned

It was Danny’s last transition injection the day before, and she was feeling incredible as she ran her fingers through her soft, black hair. The final injection concluded the entire process but permanently binding her bodily changes. The cells in her body would maintain her body as if it were naturally her own for her 22 years of living. The clinic told her that she would have to wait at least a day before going back to work, but she was full of energy. When she talked to her doctor earlier that morning, he finally agreed that she could go to work. “You have to call me at the first sign of side effects,” he warned her.

Danny smiled at that. She was supposed to feel side effects throughout her six week course. But after slowly gaining more feminine features with every injection, she knew that side effects weren’t going to be an issue. She was supposed to feel sick to her stomach or have certain body parts morph back, but she stayed petite. Her skin remained smooth and her new vagina gave her a sense of freedom.

Her new sweater hugged her slender body perfectly as she walked down the streets of Seattle. She didn’t have her augmented breasts, but her new breasts were even better. They weren’t fake anymore - they felt receptive and real whenever she squeezed them. She ended up getting a lot of stares as she approached her work building, but she didn’t care. She was excited to enjoy her fully transitioned body and all the attention it came with.

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