Sunday, May 29, 2022

Bullying him again - Part 1


He began to laugh hysterically. He loved fucking around with Kenny. He pushed him around in elementary school and high school. Now that Kenny was going to college, Adam didn’t have anybody to push around. He was the only guy in their grade who didn’t go to post secondary school, and Adam was really starting to feel left out.

He brooded until his grandmother came to visit one day for his birthday. She gave him a spell book. He didn’t think that it was the real thing, so he waited two months before he tried using it.

Now, he was in Cynthia’s body. She was Kenny’s hot stepsister. His breasts felt soft and her tummy flexed beautifully in the bathroom lighting. When he poked his inner folds, he let out a surprised moan and laughed when he fondled himself. Being alone with her naked body had been so fun until he heard the front door open. 

That was when Adam decided to do the unthinkable. He played with himself and moaned loudly on purpose. He flicked her clit until Kenny’s horrified face poked through the doorway. 

“Jeez, do you mind, pizza face?” Adam asked. Kenny’s face twisted painfully. “That still bothers you, huh? God, I missed this.”

“Cynthia, what the fuck’s the matter with you?” He finally cried. 

“Your sister has such a fit body,” Adam shakily moaned. “Is your dad home, pizza boy?”


“I wonder if your dad likes her,” he teased. “She’s not related to him. It’s going to be real easy to get laid.” Adam’s slim fingers began moving faster. His fingers felt wet while he smirked at Kenny. He could only stare in horror as his childhood bully made his stepsister cum.

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