Friday, July 15, 2022

Traveler in heat

Sammy crawled along the sofa bed and watched the bartender strip down. The blonde man looked absolutely perfect with his fit body. It was an hour before his shift, but she promised to see him at least once before her flight back home to Germany. She’d been traveling through Canada looking to sight see. She also desperately wanted to try out her fully transitioned body. She was extremely selective on having sex with her new body for the first time. Thankfully, Kyle turned out to be the perfect man to try this out with. His sense of humor and the way he could hold a conversation turned her on.

She bit her lower lip as his cock sprung out. He had no idea that Sammy was a transgender woman since the body manipulating machine had completely altered her. She worked for a company in Germany that was looking at full sex change operations through technology. She was one of three test subjects. 

Her private parts were completely replaced with a vagina. Everything felt incredible. She actually felt hot and horny, a sensation she thought she was familiar with. But there was so much more going on. She could feel herself leaking with her lust, and the way her new, natural breasts felt made her proud to be a pioneer in this new technology.

Sammy did feel bad about being so secretive about everything. She felt like he deserved to know before leaving. But when Kyle started planting kisses against her neck and cleavage, she realized that it didn’t matter and stopped caring. She was too focused on enjoying herself.

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