Sunday, July 17, 2022

My Manipulated Best Friend


Jim couldn’t stop smiling as he watched his best friend leave for work. The past two weeks felt wonderful as his girlfriend. The best thing about it was that Albert had no idea that Amy was being possessed.

It was a little bittersweet for the body thief. After him and Albert had an argument five years ago about how bad Amy was for his mental health, the two stopped talking. Jim never stopped keeping an eye on his friend. After years of stalking him over social media, Jim’s worst fears had been realized. Amy was a verbally and mentally abusive girlfriend who controlled every aspect of Albert’s life. It didn’t help that she got pregnant with their twins. Once her boyfriend impregnated him, he was trapped.

Two weeks ago, Jim made a drastic decision. His coworker was a witch who knew extremely advanced forms of magic. In exchange for sacrificing his physical body, Agatha could forcibly place his soul inside of Amy. The downside was that Jim would never be able to return to his body again - his physical flesh would be consumed in the evil ritual.

But when he finally spoke to his best friend after so long, he realized that he made the right choice. Obviously, it helped that he was finally slender and fit. His dick was gone, but having lady parts was an extremely exciting experience for him. After getting comfortable, he began making all sorts of changes. Albert could go out whenever he wanted. He could stay up as late as he wanted. He could leave the kids alone with his possessed girlfriend. The only thing Jim wanted in return was love and friendship, and he was able to get both by stealing Amy’s life.

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