Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The Desperate Old Man Part 2

Martin didn’t settle into his new body until a week after his old body succumbed to its heart attack. The poor girl trapped in his dying body was never going to be able to bother him, but the old man was always cautious. Letting his guard down always spelled his doom, but for the first time in two hundred years, he finally had a body that didn’t put up a fight.

Martin couldn’t believe his luck when he started using magic again. He didn’t expect to have as much power as his old body. Since he was so close to dying, he was desperate enough to steal the closest body with magical characteristics. A witch couldn’t cast magic without a witch’s body. Cathy’s abilities could be sensed, but she didn’t have any experience or skill to make her noticeably good at magic.

“This body might actually be better than my other bodies,” he realized days ago. “I just need to get a few more ingredients so I can permanently transform this body into a male.”

But he completely chucked that idea out the window. Martin realized that being a female was so much better. He was pleased to experience womanhood for the first time. Of course, it helped that Cathy’s boyfriend was incredible in bed. Martin thought being a woman was going to be awful, but the sensation he felt were amazing. He loved the way he’d leak constantly, and he especially loved it when Jon worshipped his feminine body.

The best part about it all? Nobody could tell that an old man was acting like a pretty 20-year-old girl.

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