Saturday, July 16, 2022

The Bully's Mom


Ken took a picture of Richard’s mom in her stunning blue dress. He spent at least twenty minutes trying on different tops and bottoms before settling on a perfectly fitted dress. He switched to the phone’s camera mode and started live streaming as he giggled naughtily. “Hey guys, I’m still alive,” Ken laughed. “It’s been two weeks. But I’m back. And I’m about to embarrass Richard.”

It all felt so good to be doing this, especially after losing his life in a car accident. Ken knew that he had one final opportunity to fuck his manager over. Richard was a massive bully. After graduating high school, his attitude never changed. So, when Ken, Victor, and Johan started working at their local convenience store, they were horrified to learn that Richard was their manager.

They all thought he’d changed for the better until he started being a complete asshole. It was a busy day at the store, and Richard exploded on everybody, including customers. Things got so bad that Ken decided to leave work early. Unfortunately, the entire experience left him feeling distracted, and he ended up driving off a bridge. His spirit lingered until it accidentally entered the mother’s body.

Now, he had his bully’s hot mom as his vessel. He didn’t know how long he would possess his new flesh, but he knew that he was going to explore it. He wanted to give his new body a go until his spirit would finally move on. “Let me completely undress in his room. In my hot son’s home.” He smirked at the growing viewers. “Let’s make this body purr.”

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