Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Trapped as my teacher


Kyle raised his slim leg with ease and admired the softness of his freshly shaven legs. He couldn’t believe how nice it was to be a woman. At first, the heat between his legs was bothering him. Once he fondled Miss April’s crotch and relieved the pressure, he was curious about what else was different about being a female.

“I can’t believe I’m getting distracted,” he said shamefully as he moved across her apartment. But that didn’t stop him from looking around. He messed around and tried out her sexy lingerie in her closet for nearly half an hour. He felt bad about all of this, especially since he was supposed to be changing everybody’s grades. He used his grandmother’s spell book to possess Miss April, but he didn’t realize how much fun he would have as her. Nobody liked the English teacher, especially since she had such a bitchy temper.

He only had an hour before the spell would wear off, so after playing around in his teacher’s body and getting a chance to explore her life, he got onto Miss April’s laptop and began to change everybody’s grades. He kept a close eye on the time to make sure he could time everything right. Once he was done, he returned to Miss April’s bed and waited to be swapped back.

Unfortunately, the spell book’s mention of a one hour possession was misread. In reality, he had an hour to use the spell again before it would permanently seal him in his possessed body. It wouldn’t be another two hours before Kyle realized his horrible mistake.

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