Thursday, July 21, 2022

Taking his money - Part 2


Part 1

Greg stared at his brand new wedding ring and sighed. He couldn’t believe how much could change over the course of half a year. After having sex with Eric and realizing just how much better it was to be a girl, he decided to maintain Crystal’s relationship with Eric. Eventually, Greg’s old boss became infatuated with Crystal’s body. The two made love constantly. Little by little, Greg’s masculinity faded away, and all that was left was his submissiveness and willingness to please Eric. Greg loved him as time went on, and when he became pregnant with his former boss’ child, he gave up all hope of revenge.

Instead, he convinced Eric to be his husband. He was afraid of asking the drug dealer at first, but when the man rubbed his swollen belly, Greg could see his softening gaze. “I can’t believe we’re going to be parents,” Greg said softly.

Eric kissed his lips and sat beside her. “I was worried when you told me. I’m not going to lie. But I love the thought of settling down with you.” He squeezed Greg’s thigh with a free hand while his eyes locked onto the swollen belly. “I might actually get a safer job because of this. I don’t want to risk not being here with you and the baby.”

Greg smiled. “The baby? It’s triplets.” There was a surprised look on Eric’s face at first, but when he finally processed what Greg was talking about, he kissed him one more time and laughed.

“Even better.”

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