Friday, July 1, 2022

Our teacher's hot husband

When Sam used his grandmother’s spell book to possess Mrs. Adler to share her body with Alex and the others, he wasn’t expecting to find himself in front of Mr. Adler throbbing cock in his face.

He stumbled back at first over the bed and let out a surprised gasp. Mr. Adler stared at him with a dumbfounded look on his face as he crossed his arms. He towered over Sam in his smaller feminine body. “Everything okay?”

Weird waves of heat were rushing through Sam as he repositioned himself onto his knees. He couldn’t pry his eyes away from the husband’s naked body. Sam unconsciously bit his lower lip. “Y-Yeah, everything’s fine. Sorry, I don’t know why I got startled.”

“Did you want to do this another time?”

Sam didn’t know why, but for that split second, he fought the urge to say no. But the throbbing and wet sensation between his legs was driving him wild. He leaned back and spread apart his teacher’s legs. “No, I’m ... I’m in the mood.” When Mr. Adler started kissing Mrs. Adler’s legs and thighs, Sam decided that his friends could wait. “Oh ... god...”

He wanted to get a taste of what being a married woman was like. And when the husband’s lips nuzzled against his crotch, he decided that this wasn’t such a bad idea.

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