Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Taking his money - Part 1

Part 2

“I have to fix this fast,” Greg whispered to himself. While he looked across the room at Eric getting his coat to leave, he felt a weird heat rushing through his female body. He originally wanted to possess Eric to steal his excess cash without a trace, but he instead found himself inside an escort named Crystal instead. 

Eric was a drug dealer who made millions and slept with escorts constantly, and Greg was his personal accountant who wanted an early retirement. He worked hard his entire life, but his upcoming retirement and shitty retirement fund didn’t make him feel excited at all.

So, Greg decided to visit a witch downtown. In exchange for a cut of whatever the accountant to steal, Jezebel would magically transfer his mind into Eric’s body. Sadly, the spell messed up, and Greg found himself having dinner with the drug dealer himself. It took him completely by surprise, but Eric thankfully didn’t notice. Greg pretended to be Crystal while he calculated his next move.

But the longer he spoke to Eric over dinner, the hornier Greg became. The escort’s body was attracted to the drug dealer, and so Greg was becoming tempted by the sheer sight of the broad shouldered man. The other man detailed how wonderful of a night they would have, and when Eric spun around to smile at him, Greg instantly smiled back. He was ready to test this body. “I can’t believe I’m about to do this,” Greg whispered quietly to himself as he followed after Eric.

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