Saturday, July 30, 2022

My neighbor's machine

Chester happily licked the chocolate ice cream and felt it melting down his human hand. Alice sat on the sidewalk and helplessly watched her body devour the fourth ice cream cone today. “Is it good?” Brad asked Alice’s old body while he stroked her hair. Chester smiled and nodded. “Good ‘girl,’ Alice. Good ... you need more weight. You’ll love so much better.”

Alice growled angrily while her human body grew more and more attached to him. Brad was her asshole neighbor who loved to do science experiments. When she walked by his garage the previous day, he called her over to test a remote control out on her. She had been walking her golden retriever at the time when she swapped bodies with her pet.

And now Brad was getting on her dog’s good side. Alice dreaded the thought of what he would do once her dog would become loyal to him. Her neighbor was always a weirdo, and she had a terrible feeling run through her dog body when she noticed Chester smirking at her.

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