Thursday, May 26, 2022

Cheating on my husband with our tenant's body


When May used her astral projection magic and possessed her tenant’s daughter, she wasn’t expecting to be in a completely different house with practically nothing on her curvy body. May thought that Priya was downstairs, but it was probably her mom or dad. Is she at a friend’s house? She wondered while she looked around.

It was supposed to be as simple as slipping into her soft frame. She was going to have sex with her husband for their wedding anniversary. Instead, she was sitting across from a tall, handsome man. His naked, chiseled frame and sharp smile made the area between her legs throb with endless desire.

She couldn’t help but bite her lower lip. Her husband was probably waiting - all she had to do was call him to let him know that she wasn’t home. But she couldn’t keep her eyes off of Priya’s boyfriend. Compared to her husband, this guy had it all. I can’t just leave now, she thought to herself. This body’s practically dripping. She was supposed to be sharing this body with her husband, and now she was having second thoughts. The stranger inched closer to her, planting kisses along her leg and tummy until she decided to do the unthinkable.

May decided a little bit of fun couldn’t hurt. She didn’t realize just how much better this man felt. She moaned uncontrollably as they made love, and when they were finally done, she decided that her husband wasn’t going to be the only one she would share this body with.

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