Monday, May 2, 2022

My New Body Part 2


Katie couldn’t believe her luck when somebody compatible came to help her. She was an experienced body hopper who knew how to possess people for any length in time. The body just had to have a similar energy signature. She regularly used her abilities to satisfy her boyfriend, Matt, until he assassinated her for the Russian Mafia.

Matt convinced her to use her body hop ability when nobody was around. She thought that the group of girls on the beach would at least have one person to possess, but when Matt cut her old body’s throat, she remained floating around in her soul gas form. With nobody to latch onto, she felt her soul slowly beginning to fade away. He had betrayed her to put a stop to her powers, but she didn’t understand why. She’d done everything for him, yet he was willing to try disposing of her out of fear.

With a younger body like this, she needed to get used to her surroundings. Thankfully, Tamara was an unbelievably rich girl. With a cute boyfriend and no real issues to worry about, Katie effectively found the perfect life to slip into. She just had to take the time to research everything this girl had to offer. Thankfully, her life was all over social media - she had a feeling that wasn’t going to be very hard.

Staring at herself in the mirror, she smirked and rubbed the front of her underwear. Waves of pleasure left her body as she bit her lower lip. With her hot new boyfriend waiting for her in the next room, she decided that revenge was going to have to come later. She had all the time in the world to enjoy her new body.

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