Sunday, May 8, 2022

My Naughty Cousin


“Here? Jesus, you’re really naughty, Samantha,” the guy said. “What’s gotten into you?” Brad giggled and pulled at the girl’s dainty strings. The throbbing was getting worse. After possessing this girl’s body with the help of his magical possession stone, he realized that he could literally do anything he wanted. “This is honestly so hot.”

He was always curious about what sex felt like as a girl. Every girl he’d been with always screamed with excitement, so he wondered if the same thing would happen with this stranger’s body.

Brad barely knew who the other guy was too, but his body made him want to learn more. He kissed him once, only to realize that his body was starting to act on its own. Before he knew it, they were back in the swimming pool with their lips locked together. Brad could feel the other man’s cock hardening against his crotch.

And then the most wonderful thing happened. The moment the man’s cock slid between his legs, a passionate moan echoed from Brad’s gaping lips as he made love for the first time as a woman. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that sex made the possession permanent.

They slept together in multiple places over the course of the next few days. The man made every inch of his body pulsate with lust and desire. But, on the third day, something horrible happened. The girl started regaining control, and to Brad’s horror, he realized that his soul was trapped inside of her forever. He would forever be a passenger, unable to feel and enjoy his body as Samantha confusedly tried to figure out why her cousin, Ed, was constantly trying to sleep with her.

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