Thursday, May 19, 2022

My friend's betrayal

After she woke up a dozen miles away from her actual home, she found herself in a stranger’s body. She didn’t understand what happened until she learned that a body thief had used a magical necklace to project their soul into her body. It was a golden necklace with a notebook sitting on her new male body’s desk. Unfortunately, the notebook was torn up. She didn’t waste any time and asked Adam for help when all of her friends would run away from her new body. Eventually, she was able to track her phone through Snapchat thanks to her best friend’s account. Adam was more than willing to help her once he realized that Alina was trapped in some balding guy’s body. She told him where they met and said details only she would have known. “Give my body back,” Alina hissed angrily when they finally caught up to her body. The body thief simply smirked. “I’m not joking around. Adam, give me the necklace. I’m going to try using it on him.”

“I was wondering when you’d show up,” the thief said nonchalantly. Her seductive eyes fell upon Adam as she inched forward in her bathing suit. Her eyes looked to the golden necklace in his hand. “I didn’t think you had such a cute friend. Are you really helping her because she’s your friend? Or are you doing it because she’ll reward you?” Alina didn’t think that meant anything that her friend hesitated. What she wasn’t expecting was how far the body thief was willing to go to make an ally. Adam was the only one who was willing to help her. The body thief smirked. “I’ll do anything for you if you let me keep her body.”

When the body thief kissed his lips, Alina knew that the thief had won as he shoved the necklace into his pocket. “Sorry,” he whispered to her as her stolen body took his hand.

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