Thursday, May 5, 2022

His Girlfriend's Stepsister


Kevin hated every second of being Emma’s stepsister’s body. After convincing him to swap bodies with Kelsey for a day through the Body Swap Clinic to teach him a lesson, he thought things were going to be easy.

All he got a chance to do was get laughed at. Emma loved the way he struggled in her sister’s high heels. He struggled to follow after her as Kevin angrily grunted to himself.

But when they finally arrived back home, Emma taught him how to properly pleasure a woman. She hated the fact that he didn’t know how to do foreplay, but when she showed him how to play with his new inner folds, he realized just how bad he was at satisfying Emma. She rubbed his inner folds and watched his face twist with ecstasy, and when he experienced his first female orgasm, he knew what he needed to improve on.

By the time he returned to his male body, Emma was excited to learn that he actually picked up on the tips and tricks in her stepsister’s body. “Maybe we should do this again,” she whispered playfully. “Maybe you can let me try a thing or two in your body.” She winked at him as he agreed.

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