Saturday, May 14, 2022

Smashwords Announcement

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be steadily uploading my Amazon short stories to Smashwords. The bundles will come later at slightly discounted prices for mail list subscribers (check your spam folders just in case - only going to be valid for a few days after release). Long story short, I kept getting stuck on Kindle Unlimited, which is why you're going to be seeing stories from over a year ago getting posted onto Smashwords. Some of these stories will actually be slightly different from their Amazon counter parts. The Smashwords release will explicitly say if it is the uncensored version. The other long story short is that certain stories had to get censored or less dark for Amazon's standards. Most of them will also get updated covers. The below are just teasers.

The official dates for release will happen on May 17 and beyond. I'll send out a mailing list email about the shift too in case some subscribers miss this message. But I won't send out an email for every new release since they're technically already posted (and I don't want to seem spammy).

The released Smashwords stories will still get their own blog posts, but their dates will be set towards the beginning (March or February) to avoid cluttering the free captions. I'll still post newer stories on their release dates, but I figured posting 40+ stories all at once would hide my more recent captions for you guys.

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