Saturday, May 14, 2022

Controlling My Roommate


The door opened, and Lee’s roommate, Bethany was at the door with a surprised look on her face. Lee didn’t know what to say. He thought of every excuse until he saw Bethany smiling at him. “It worked.”

“It worked? You did this to me?” Lee asked angrily. He began to walk towards her when a sharp pain surged through his head. “What the fuck?”

“I slid a body suit over you and let it do its thing. It’s permanently fused against your skin - try pulling it off.” She giggled when Lee pinched at his skin. “Yup, it’s stuck. This is awesome.”

In Bethany’s hand was a remote. Glaring at the remote, Lee began to sprint at Bethany when she pressed a few buttons, and within seconds, he was undressing himself. Bethany’s eyes lit up when she saw his naked body. “Yup, everything’s working perfectly.”

She used the remote to get Lee to walk into the living room. Spreading open his legs, his fingers pressed his exposed inner folds. Waves of pleasure ran through him as he moaned. Bethany toyed with the settings and watched him play with his transformed body. He was enjoying every second of this, and it wouldn’t be long before every ounce of his masculinity would be forced out of him.

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