Thursday, May 12, 2022

The Cute Thief Part 1


Jackie was minding her own business at the local swimming pool when the cutest guy came up to her. Dylan was an unbelievably funny guy. After a few minutes of chatting, she gave her number and kept in touch over the next few days.

Eventually, he invited her out to the beach. She didn’t have anything else to do since she was on summer break. Dylan introduced her to a group of his friends while they were there. After about an hour, he wanted to talk to her in private, so he took her out to a secluded area along the beach.

Jackie didn’t know why, but she felt extremely hot. The longer she stood in front of him, the hotter she became. His eyes repeatedly glanced down, but she didn’t care.

Suddenly, a sharp pain from the center of her chest sent her to her feet. She struggled on the sand while Dylan held her in his powerful arms. He said something to her in a completely different language, yet the smile on his face made her feel at ease when he planted a kiss against her lips.

The pain went away, and the world went completely black.

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