Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Friendly Game

Casey couldn’t believe how good his new body felt. His friend’s cock drove right through him as they both let out surprised moans. “What the fuck happened?” Tracey asked while he looked at the rest of his body. He was an African American man literally a few seconds ago, and now he was some buff white guy.

Casey was a completely different gender. He had become an attractive woman with one hell of a body. They froze and examined themselves until Casey realized that they had taken over the bodies of their next door neighbors.

Him and Tracey were toying with a board game their roommate, Josh, was giving away. When they started drawing cards, a bright light consumed them, and they immediately found themselves in completely different bodies.

Casey should’ve been freaking out by now, especially since he had a dick deep inside of him. But, when he started gyrating his hips, the pleasure sent his body into a frenzy. Tracey began to thrust forward, and the two lost themselves in their lust as the table shook beneath them.

They returned to their apartment after they had sex, where Josh was at the door. He led them inside, where their neighbors (now in their bodies) had just woken up. They were freaking out, but Casey promised that they were going to figure out how to fix all of this. Unfortunately, the card they picked had some bad news. A disclaimer at the bottom of the body swap card indicated that sex would make the swap permanent.

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