Saturday, May 28, 2022

Tricking the spy

A week on the ocean was really relaxing for Arnold. Madam Olga had given him an opportunity to enjoy himself on a private mini cruise with a bunch of other girls. He paid the old woman $5,000 for a chance to do this while inside of the body of one of her private escorts.

Madam Olga was a key figure in the sex trade. Arnold was originally supposed to be spying on her to get his company’s hands on Madam Olga’s mind transferring software. Instead, he ended up falling in love with the technology. Every sensation in his new body felt incredible, and the girls he had sex with made him realize just how much better being a woman was.

But Madam Olga knew what Arnold was originally trying to do. Now that he was trapped in this blonde woman’s body, Madam Olga’s plan sprung into action. Arnold immediately felt his arms and legs moving on their own as he forcefully sat down in front of the old woman. He immediately began playing with himself and moaned while Madam Olga spoke.

“It doesn’t take much, does it? I won’t be giving back control any time soon. You’re not the brightest agent they’ve sent - see all those other women? None of you are really women. You’re sex bots. And you’re the newest addition to my collection.”


Arnold tried to fight back, but the more he lost himself in his new body’s pleasure, the quicker he accepted his new fate. The old woman simply smiled at him.

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