Friday, May 27, 2022

Losing a bet


A week in this body nearly made Tyler lose his mind. He temporarily transformed into a blonde girl after losing a Jazz game bet with his friend, Brad. He knew magic, and he was more than eager to test it out after winning a bet.

But Tyler didn’t realize that he’d fall in love with him after adjusting to his female life. Brad’s girlfriend, Emma, had a wardrobe that fit him perfectly. She had so much fun dressing Tyler up in her lingerie and swimsuits. She taught him how to properly play with himself and introduced him to all sorts of fun little toys. What she wasn’t expecting was Brad also falling in love with Tyler.

Throughout the past week, Tyler and Brad had been spending an insane amount of time together. Emma eventually found out that the two were sleeping together behind her back. Enraged, she confronted the two, but she ended up getting the cold shoulder.

A week as a blonde woman completely changed Tyler. The training he got from Emma was being used against her now. He could do everything better than her, and it didn’t take long for Brad to choose him and break up with his girlfriend.

And now that seven days had gone by, Tyler decided to go by his new name: Theresa.

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