Sunday, May 22, 2022

This isn't easy

“Shut the fuck up,” Triston said with an annoyed look. After going to a fortune teller, his girlfriend had wished that he could see things from her point of view, the two swapped bodies at the fortune teller’s tent. They immediately started freaking out. Thankfully, the fortune teller said that the swap would reverse itself after 7 days, so things weren’t permanent.

Life wasn’t as easy as Triston thought it would be. It was the fourth day as each other, and Triston was about to go to Angel’s business meeting for her. All she could do was laugh at him while she sat in a char in his boxers. “It isn’t that easy, huh? It actually takes a lot of work to prep for these things. You have to actually look presentable.”

He struggled to walk around in her high heels. Being a girl wasn’t that easy. He wished his girlfriend had slacks and a dress shirt that he could wear, but the girl didn’t have any of that stuff.

Suddenly, Angel’s cell phone buzzed, and the sound made Triston lean back against the couch again to stay upright. His girlfriend looked down at the phone and swiped the screen. She brought the phone up against her ear. “Don’t worry, we’re ready. We’re coming.”

Triston let out a frustrated sigh.

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