Friday, May 20, 2022

My boyfriend's hot finance teacher


“God, you look so fucking hot,” Megan’s boyfriend whispered while she stripped down in front of him. After possessing Allen’s finance teacher to give him a fun time for his birthday, Megan didn’t waste any time in letting him stare at every inch of Mrs. Liu’s body.

She was an amateur witch still learning the basics. Thanks to the help of her mom’s spell book, she was able to do more advanced techniques. Megan tested the spell on her boyfriend and her sister, so she knew that it was perfectly safe.

She planted hot and passionate kisses against her boyfriend’s chiseled body. It didn’t take long before they began to make sweet love in Mrs. Liu’s bed. They spent the entire evening together, and she even let him cum inside of her.

Unfortunately, what she didn’t realize was that insemination permanently sealed her soul. She tried to release control after she forced Allen to go home. Stuck on the bed with his seed dripping out of her, she tried to use her powers to force herself out.

Megan tried to stay calm. But, as the bedroom door opened, Mr. Liu found his wife completely naked with his inner folds dripping with another man’s seed. Megan was trapped in the teacher’s body with a lot of explaining to do.

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