Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Successful Science

After Richard gave his girlfriend her new necklace, she was ecstatic. They were on vacation together at a tropical resort when they were alone. When Isabelle finally put on her boyfriend’s necklace, the metal piece buzzed with life.

She tried to say something, but it was like she was slowly losing control. The last thing she could see was her boyfriend smiling at her as the world darkened around her.

“It worked,” Velma said while smiling at her husband. She looked down and immediately felt alive. After spending weeks trapped in the necklace, it felt good to be able to move around in a body like this. “Jesus, she’s hot.”

“You’re hot,” Danny said in Richard’s body. “That was such a gamble. I thought he wasn’t going to wear me.”

Danny and Velma were scientists looking for a second chance at life. After going into enormous amounts of debt and making failed inventions, they finally managed to make something that actually worked. All it took was a single person to willingly place the necklace around their neck. Upon sensing body heat, the machine connected to their custom network, and the mind transfer began.

With their newest invention, they weren’t going to be marketing their new device. No, there was a lot of power in their body transference necklaces. With a simple computer and their custom network, they could do a lot as other people.

But for now, they were content with the couple they had forcefully taken. Now that they were alone and significantly younger, it was time to enjoy what their new bodies had to offer.

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  1. I've always preferred technology possessions since they open up the possibility for large scale conspiracies with black market etc. Such a shame these protagonists don't plan on taking that route. Nevertheless a nice caption, thanks