Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Wearing my soul


Alex stared at himself in the mirror with the magical necklace glittering around Vanessa’s neck. The poor girl screamed in her mind, but all he could do was smile while he admired his slim features and firm breasts. His silky brown hair and piercing brown eyes looked perfect. “GET OUT!” Vanessa screamed.

After the girl wore the necklace over the course of several days, his soul slowly seeped into her body. He had allowed the necklace to absorb him after he died of old age. Now, he had a second chance. “I won’t lie - I wanted your boyfriend’s body. I didn’t think the necklace would work like this.” He laughed when his hand brushed the front of his skirt. “Wow, but this isn’t that bad. I wonder what else I can do in my new body?”

“Vanessa?” A deep voice said from behind him. Alex spun around and saw the girl’s boyfriend. Connor was a tall and lean man whose body Alex wanted to have. Now that he had Vanessa’s body, he decided that being a girl wasn’t going to be so bad.

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