Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Cute Thief Part 2


Jackie stared back at her own body with a horrified look over her face. Her old body smirked and adjusted her swimsuit. “What’s your name?” Her body asked.

“Dylan,” her mouth blurted out. “W-What? No, my name’s ... J ... Dylan.”

The body thief laughed. “Good, it’s actually working. I was scared. It looks like I know what you know.” Her body kicked something in the sand. She picked a metal sphere with her foot and kicked it up into the air for Jackie to catch it. She stared down at it with a frown. There was a crack running down its side.

Something hit her hard. She knew she used to be Jackie, but she didn’t remember where she lived or what she did for a living. She knew exactly what Dylan did - she remembered every girl he’d slept with and every class he had attended. “H-How?” She asked, only to realize that it was a machine that transferred one’s soul. It didn’t transfer a brain, so that’s why she couldn’t remember anything.

She realized that he had been watching her for months. He had wanted to be a girl for so long, and now he had the chance to live in her body. “Give it back. GIVE MY BODY BACK!”

“Sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the body thief said while she skipped away. Jackie stood there and fell to her knees. Trapped in a man’s body, she began to cry.

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