Monday, May 16, 2022

The Cute Thief Part 3


Dylan had gotten away with everything. After using the mind transferring machine to heat up their bodies, he was able to trigger the body swap mechanism through touch. His soul went into her body, while her soul went into his body.

Now armed with the girl’s memories, he knew what he had to do to fully slip into her life for good. Jackie would know all about the mind transferring machine was a one-way exchange. Their souls had swapped, but switching them back could kill one of them.

How did Dylan know this if his own memories were trapped in his old body? He had sent a text message to Jackie seconds before the swap detailing everything about the transfer. Dylan knew that he’d have to stay on his toes to make sure Jackie didn’t try anything, but he was mostly safe. He just had to go to the address listed on the text message leading him to Mark, the scientist who sold the machine.

With Jackie’s sexy body, it didn’t take long for Dylan to convince him not to help Jackie. After testing out his new body with Mark, the intense pleasure and desire made him realize that he made the right choice with his female body.

By the time Jackie had come to Mark’s lab for help, it was already too late. Sitting on his lap was Dylan in her body, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to get any help from either of them. She was stuck, and she was going to have to adjust to her new life.

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