Saturday, May 21, 2022

An experienced escort


When the VR headset was off, Connie stood up and looked worriedly back at his old body on the couch. He placed the VR headset down on the table. Strange sensations were fluttering through him. When he agreed to letting her have sex with an escort, he wasn’t expecting to physically be inside of the escort’s hot body.

Reyna’s Asian body sat at the dinner table while his old body sat on the couch in a comatose state. Kylie was sitting beside him, her lips pressing up against his body’s neck. Connie couldn’t feel anything, but a strange heat engulfed him while he let out a horny sigh. All he could do was feel his inner folds throbbing with desire as his old body stirred.

Suddenly, his body removed the head set, and his lips were soon against Kylie. The body swap had worked, and now his girlfriend was making out with him. “Let me show you how it’s done,” Reyna said in his body.

“Oh, ‘Connie,’ you‘re making me so fucking wet right now!” Kylie moaned. He sat back down, his fingers brushing against the front of his new body’s crotch while he watched his old body do things he wouldn’t have thought to do. Kylie moaned and squealed throughout the entire session, and all Connie could do was watch.

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