Sunday, June 4, 2023

Stuck in my stepsister - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Albert always felt a pang of jealousy whenever he looked at his stepsister, Leah. While he constantly returned home covered in mud from playing football and getting into fights, his 20-year-old stepsister was the epitome of cleanliness and grace. She was well-liked, excelled in school, and always seemed to have everything she wanted.

On the other hand, Albert spent most of his time getting into trouble and playing video games. He secretly longed for the chance to play with Leah's old dolls, style her hair, and simply feel pretty, without the fear of being judged. But nobody ever wanted to hear about his feelings. He was a failure to his parents, and things got so bad that they were threatening to kick him out. He had two weeks to find a job to start paying rent, while Leah could stay rent free because she’s Leah.

Determined to stay, Albert searched for a way to become Leah to ruin her picture-perfect life. If he could convince his parents that she wasn’t as good as she really was, then there was a chance that he could stay home without getting kicked out. His search led him to a downtown magic store, where he discovered a pair of enchanted rings that could project the wearers' spirits out of their bodies, allowing them to exchange lives temporarily. They were pure opal rings with a green, gorgeous exterior that shimmered beautifully in the sunlight. They weren’t for sale, but the old lady at the counter offered a rental option.

With the rings in hand, Albert eagerly awaited the perfect opportunity to make the swap. All he had to do was make him and his stepsister both wear them. “Make sure the swap only lasts twenty four hours, or you’ll be stuck,” the old woman had said. “I’ll be expecting these back, okay?” Albert nodded and signed an agreement before taking the rings back home to wait for the perfect opportunity.

Later that evening, when Leah was sound asleep, he sneaked into her room and carefully slipped one of the rings onto her finger, placing the other on his own.

As soon as the rings touched their skin, their spirits were projected out of their bodies. Leah's spirit, caught off guard by the sudden separation from her body, panicked. As the siblings' spirits hovered in the air, they felt an inexplicable magnetic pull drawing them together.

Before either of them could comprehend what was happening, their spirits merged into one, their essences intertwining in a surreal union. A hot wave of energy moved through them, and it almost felt like Albert was being cooked alive. They both groaned, and in that moment, they felt an incredible rush of energy as they experienced each other's memories, emotions, and dreams all at once. 

They both felt pressure deep within their heads before the sensations became too much. At the peak of their shared climax, their spirits split apart and were pulled back into their bodies.

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