Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Something's different about her

Rich sank back into the plush sofa while his girlfriend, Savanah, curled against him. They were covered in a light layer of sweat, but rather than sleep in their damp bed, they decided to spend the rest of the night watching TV in the living room. He pulled on some underwear while she pulled on the white and pink dress she had worn earlier in the afternoon. His arm was draped around her as her head rested comfortably on his chest. They had sex the entire day, and he was absolutely drained. His mind was constantly on her, but now he was starting to wonder why Savanah had become such a nymphomaniac all of a sudden. “It’s nothing,” Rich whispered when his girlfriend noticed that he was deep in thought.

She kissed his cheek and rested her head against his shoulder. Savanah had always been a free spirit, a whirlwind of energy and spontaneity, but something was different now. Her electrifying personality was drawn to the nightlife. Her energetic joy was palpable as she danced, lost in the music, twirling, laughing, caught up in the sheer thrill of being alive. It was one of the things he loved about her initially, but now she seemed calmer. All of that energy was being directed at him instead. She wasn’t hanging out with her friend at night clubs like she normally did. Instead, she obediently stayed at home with him for the entire intimate week.

She was also infamous for her shitty cooking too. But lately, things had changed there too. Savanah was cooking, and not just cooking, she was creating meals. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, each meal more delicious than the last, a culinary tour-de-force that seemed to manifest from nowhere. Savanah was also notoriously private when it came to her appearance. She was beautiful, but she never showed off her beauty in such an overt way as she was doing now. Lately, she decided to stick with skimpy dresses and revealing skirts.

What changed? He didn't know, but he loved it. Yet a part of him couldn't shake off the odd feeling, that she seemed like a completely different person. His fingers traced idle patterns on her arm, the soft fabric of her dress brushing against his skin. He could feel her breath against his chest, warm and even. As she kissed his lips and snuggled against his shoulder again, he slowly began to fall asleep.

But Savanah had other things in mind. It wasn’t Savanah at all. Cuddling beside Rich was his old coworker, Kelsey. She was an older middle-aged woman who was obsessed with him. They had once worked at the same sales department at a corporation. But after getting warnings from management that she was making Rich uncomfortable, they forced her to leave her job of 20 years. She was close to being kicked out of her old apartment when she couldn’t find a job that wouldn’t discriminate against her age.

Thankfully, when she stumbled upon a fortune teller, Greta, who could grant her any wish she wanted, she decided to test its realism. In that vulnerable moment, she wished for love, and the fortune teller casted a spell that placed her soul inside of Savanah. Kelsey had no idea that he was even dating anybody, and when she checked out her young, blonde body, she realized that she was stunning. She didn’t blame him for wanting to be with a bombshell like Savanah. And despite Savanah’s weak voice yelling at her from inside her head, Kelsey didn’t let any moment get ruined. She loved actually feeling Rich’s love in new body. She didn’t want to give it up. Compared to her old body, Kelsey’s libido was off the charts too. And with Savanah’s voice slowly fading with every delightful orgasm she experienced, Kelsey figured it wouldn’t be long before she could eventually have some peace and quiet with her new boyfriend.

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  1. powerful, sensous very well writtenn. I prefer swaps over possessions, but this is excellent