Monday, June 12, 2023

Stole my boyfriend's love

Nikita's jaw dropped when she saw Lea smirking at her in an overly tight bikini. She stretched along her chair and crossed her bare, smooth legs. "I saw everything," Lea said. "You posted videos all over the place to ruin my reputation. I always found it weird how eager you were to switch bodies with me. Especially since you were so much prettier than me. But Jon told me everything. I wouldn’t have known thanks to my new boyfriend. Now we can finally be official.”

"Sorry, Nikita," he said in a low voice. "But I couldn't let you do all of that unpunished. You took things too far, and now it's backfired."

Lea stuck her tongue out. “I can understand why you’re such a nymphomaniac, by the way. This body’s constantly horny. It sure helps that it’s me inside instead of you. People actually like me more now that I’m in here.”

Nikita couldn't believe what was happening. After convincing Lea to voluntarily swap bodies for a day, Nikita did everything in her power to ruin her friend's life. She discovered that she was sleeping with Jon behind her back. When she confronted her boyfriend about it, he promised that he'd stop. Nikita couldn't forgive him until after he agreed to distract Lea long enough for her to do what she needed to do to ruin the bitch's life.

Nikita sent photos of Lea's body in provocative positions. It started off with sending them to her family and friends, but she eventually got naughtier. She began flirting with boys who she knew had a crush on Lea. It didn't take long before sex videos were being shared throughout the college campus. Nikita was expecting to return to her body automatically, but when the sun began to set, she realized that she was in her friend's body for longer than she expected.

That's when she found Lea and Jon making out near her family's pool. Nikita was enraged, especially when she finally learned the truth. Lea knew everything because of Jon. "He wants me regardless of the body I'm in," Lea said while Jon massaged her shoulders from behind. "He told me everything you were planning on doing. But since I'm in your hot little body, I preferred staying around. He showed me where you hid your spell book, and we ended up finding a spell that could make the swap permanent." When Nikita screamed in rage and demanded what spell she used, Lea began to untie her bikini's bottom. "It was the one that strengthens a soul's position in a person's body. Now that the soul tethers are stronger, my soul's not automatically switching places with you."

"No," Nikita cried. "Please let me switch back. You can't do this. I can make things right. I’ll find a way.”

Lea stopped untying the strings and placed her hands on her hips. "You shouldn't have been so eager to ruin my life," she cooed. "Now you're stuck in a body with more videos circling the web than a porn star." Jon leaned forward and kissed the side of her neck. "If you had been nicer, Jon would have stayed loyal to you. But you've always been such a bitch. Now, you’re going to have to live with your decision. Now get the hell out of here before I call the police on you.”

Nikita stared in horror at the betrayal unfolding before her eyes. She did everything she could to ruin Lea’s life, and she actually succeeded. But now she was going to have to suffer the consequences of being the nerdy girl willing to suck any lucky guy off. Tears flooded her eyes, and as she watched Jon and Lea making out with her body, the former witch knew she was going to regret her thirst for revenge.

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