Monday, June 26, 2023

My self-conscious best friend – Part 2


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Laura moaned in her best friend's lap while she rode her. Her swimsuit still hugged her skinny frame while Annette’s cock slipped through. And as Laura’s arms wrapped around the back of Annette's neck, she felt strong hands squeezing her waist. She looked at where their bodies intersected and moved her hips faster. Her entire body felt hot and tingly, and the more they fucked, the stronger she felt. 

Her thighs were becoming thicker while Annette's legs seemingly shrank. Her friend's cock glistened with her lust, and Laura felt herself getting closer to cumming when she felt her nipples starting to harden. To her surprise, the curves of her frail body began to expand while Annette's breasts and abs seemingly shrank. 

"It's actually working," Laura moaned with surprise. Her skin crawled and glowed in some spots while she steadily morphed. The more they made love, the more her body changed. "Oh fuck ... oh fuck..." The faint scent of chlorine still covered their bodies while they steadily morphed, but that didn't stop Annette from kissing the side of Laura's neck. Her friend knew when she was close, and she knew it drove her crazy whenever she whispered into her flesh.

"There's just one thing," Annette whispered before staring directly into Laura's eyes. "I can tell you're getting close.  I need you to drink this." She held up the glowing vial from before. "It's the one thing that'll make the transfer permanent." Laura felt her hands on the small of her back, guiding her while she bounced faster.  "Otherwise the attributes just switch back.”

Laura blushed while she steadily watched her flat tummy become chiseled with Annette’s defined six pack. She couldn’t believe her friend was actually doing this for her. She’d never had these types of gains before. "Y-You're absolutely sure about this, right? I don't want you to regret this." Annette abruptly lifted her up, and she let out a surprised gasp as she forced her onto the nearby guest bed. The sheets hugged her body, and the weight of Annette's body squeezed down against Laura while she fucked her in missionary. "Oh god ... okay, give me the vial. Fuck ... I'm about to cum hard."

"Me too," Annette slyly said while she took a big sip. “God, you look incredible with my core. You’re not skinny anymore. Look at yourself!” Just as Laura looked down to admire how perfect her tits and healthy physique looked, Annette gently placed the opening of the vial into Laura's mouth. 

She swallowed the remainder and was in complete awe at how quickly her body had transformed. The more they fucked, the more Annette absorbed Laura’s skinny features. She visibly became weaker, and a wave of exhaustion was starting to wash over her. And just as Laura felt her ass beginning to widen and become thicker, the area between her legs began to seemingly vibrate.

Laura moaned and shivered as the effects of the potion and her orgasm instantly spread throughout her entire body. Annette was beginning to groan while she gripped Laura's hips tight, slamming her pussy against her as hard as possible before she screamed together. 

Laura was unable to contain herself, and as Annette's cock pumped her full of hot juices, she looked at her drenched entrance and observed strange black mist seeping from her. The leftover mist immediately slipped back inside, but before she could ask Annette what it was, she felt two hands on her wrists.

She could feel every fiber of her being become energized, and her body swelled up as the essence of her friend entered her. But there was something else going inside of her, and before she could ask Annette what was happening, a pressure began to build up in her chest as the world spun around them.

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