Saturday, June 24, 2023

Her perfect sister


Candice was standing at the fresh edge of adulthood, and she had long admired her older sister, Megan, from the sidelines. Her older sister, with her golden hair and dazzling doe-like eyes, had been a paragon of beauty that Candice could only aspire to be. Everybody loved and wanted her. Her parents gave her everything, and there wasn’t a single guy who could take their eyes off her. In contrast, Candice was a short, overweight girl struggling to get through her first semester of college. Megan was already on her master’s degree despite being two years older. So, when the opportunity came in the form of a magical spell, Candice didn't hesitate to try it out.

An elderly woman had noticed Candice’s glum look on the subway station. She gave her a link and immediately vanished, and when Candice went online to check it out, she found a magical poem that could let her be another person until she decided to end the spell. With a quiet incantation, her spirit plunged into Megan's body. Leaning forward and looking at herself in the mirror, she admired the gorgeous reflection. It was surreal, seeing herself with Megan's symmetrical features, the high cheekbones, the perfect curve of her eyebrows, and those luscious lips that curled into a naughty smile. “I’m actually her,” she whispered in her older sister’s voice.

Her eyes trailed down the reflection, taking in the beautifully curvy body that was now hers. Every contour and every curve were a testament to her sister's beauty, now hers to explore. The body she had admired for so long was finally hers, and she loved every bit of it.

A thrill ran through her as Megan's phone vibrated, the screen lighting up with a message. She picked up the phone, her heart pounding in anticipation. Mark, Megan's newest boyfriend, was waiting outside for her. A spontaneous date, it seemed. A grin spread across her face, and a twinge of excitement began to blossom in her chest. This was her chance to live her sister's life, to explore the world through her eyes. She quickly replied to the message, confirming she'd be down in a few minutes.

Getting ready was another adventure. The dress that hugged her curves perfectly, the shoes that added a touch of elegance to her height, the diamond earrings that glinted with every movement as she playfully swayed her hips. She admired her reflection once again, intoxicated by the beauty that was now hers.

Downstairs, Mark waited, his face lighting up as he saw her. As they drove to the restaurant, Candice was swept away by the exhilaration of it all. The intimate dinner, the stolen glances, the soft touches, and the whispered words of affection. Every moment was a testament to the life she'd coveted, a life that was now hers, if only for a while.

For a while, Candice forgot about the spell, about the body that wasn't hers. She was Megan, living her life, loving her man while the real sister was either locked away or trapped in her mind. But in that moment in front of her candlelit dinner, the younger sister didn’t care. And when their dinner ended and Mark took her back to his place, the feeling of having a real man worshipping her attractive body made Candice decide to stay in her new body for good. The boyfriend was surprised at how willing she was to do anything with him. From foot play to giving him head, she did things that Megan avoided completely. Thankfully, that didn’t make him realize that it wasn’t really her. And even if it did, the longer Candice stayed as Megan, the more memories and secrets that flooded her mind. It wouldn’t be long before she could flawlessly slip into her older sister’s life without raising any suspicions.

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