Tuesday, June 13, 2023

I can technically stay in this body forever

Allison found herself gazing into the tranquil waters of the pool that morning. The still surface mirrored her appearance, an image of a youthful woman belying her six decades. She was struck by the sight of herself, a 60-year-old woman in a fit 20-year-old body. This was her last day at the Swap Hotel, a place that could turn the fantastical into reality, where clients could experience life in a body of their choice. The thought of it seemed so surreal to her – she loved how she was.

Each reflection that danced upon the pool’s surface was a testament to the breathtaking technology and the extraordinary encounters she'd had in the hotel. The place was staffed by people who had consented to lend their bodies for specified durations in return for substantial compensation, a choice they had made willingly. The arrangement allowed Allison, and many others like her, to relive the youth they had once taken for granted. She could leave the hotel to visit the surrounding countryside, or she could stay put and get full body massages at the in-house spa.

Despite the allure of youth, the notion of extending her stay had never truly crossed Allison's mind until that moment of solitude by the pool. As she looked at her reflection, she found herself pondering the possibilities. She pulled out her phone, accessing her bank balance and investment portfolios, a life's worth of diligent saving and shrewd investments. The numbers made her realize that retirement was a plausible choice, but the numbers gave her another opportunity by extending the swap.

The thought of residing indefinitely in the Swap Hotel, experiencing an endless array of lives, initially made her heart race. Here, she was not bound by the constraints of her age. She was free to explore and enjoy a reality that most people could only dream about. All it took was a physical transfer of her mind through a machine, but it was quick and easy.

She placed her phone aside, letting the idea settle within her mind, allowing her gaze to return to her reflection in the pool. It was surreal, this opportunity she had to hold onto this ageless image, to stay in a place that allowed her to be youthful, energetic, and carefree. 

After a moment of contemplation, she reached a decision. She would retire permanently, not to a quiet life of solitude but to an existence of excitement and endless opportunities at the Swap Hotel.

As the sun began to peek over the horizon, casting a warm morning glow across the pool, Allison finalized her choice. Thankfully, when she asked management if she could do this, there was nothing in the contract that forced her to relinquish control. Amy, the original owner of her body, remained trapped in her significantly older body and could do nothing but watch in futility.

She contractually signed her bodily control away, and despite her whining, Allison had no plans on giving her young body up any time soon. The hotel was filled to the brim with attractive massage therapists and handsome young men. All she had to do was keep paying for extensions, and she definitely had enough for the next few decades. She now had Amy’s horny flesh, and she fully intended on enjoying her time inside of her.

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  1. BRRRR! BRILLIANT. All to real a future! poor Amy. the banality of evil. I wonder what hapens if Amy gets ill or even dies in Allison's former old body? great story, well written