Tuesday, June 27, 2023

My self-conscious best friend – Part 3


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When the last of the black mist had entered Laura’s core, the transgender woman could see her future body’s abs beginning to swell. The mist was stretching her friend’s insides. Before Laura could push her away, Annette felt her body going limp as it became surrounded by an eerie darkness. It all came so fast, but she thankfully had her wits about her. She knew this was all part of the process, and soon it would all be worth it in the end.

Annette had loved the way Laura’s gorgeous face looked as they grew up together. She was always jealous of how gorgeous she was. Sure, she had a nerdy vibe to her skinny appearance that she didn’t like, but she had things that Annette could only dream of having. Before Annette began to plan everything, she did an unbelievable amount of studying into the arcane arts. 

There was only so much she knew about the more advanced forms of potion brewing, so she wanted to understand all of the negative side effects. She understood that being in another person’s body would have eventual consequences, especially since she’d be placed in a body with a completely foreign brain. The human brain was an extremely complex part of the human body, so she made sure to account for the fact that a person’s brain could completely alter her soul’s being.

A completely different brain had different memories. A person’s soul could only be in another person’s body for a short period of time before the body would begin to force the soul to assimilate. With time, Annette would accidently think she was actually Laura. So, she looked into potions that could help fortify her mind so she would permanently keep her old body’s memories. She hid the third potion in her purse and was horrified when she saw Laura glance at it, but her friend thankfully never questioned what it was for.

“Just like the swap potion,” Annette said with a laugh while her body drifted through the empty void. An all-consuming darkness blanketed her, unsettling yet somehow comforting. But there, distantly, hung a lone orb of light - a beacon amidst the disorienting abyss.

As she moved closer, an apparition emerged from the shadows. It was a white ghostly figure fluttering past her, and Annette realized that it was Laura’s soul. The transgender woman was afraid that she would say something, but she realized that she was sleeping. “Is it because she’s never used potions as often as I have? Or is it because the attribute transfer left my old body weakened?”

There were so many wonderful unknowns, and the thought of documenting everything for herself left her feeling excited. She sighed and allowed an unseen force guide her soul closer to the beckoning orb of light. She reached out to grasp it, the spectral tendrils of her non-physical form intertwining with the radiant glow. The moment her ephemeral fingers made contact, a sudden surge of hot energy rushed through her. 

Suddenly, Annette was bombarded with a torrent of memories, a maelstrom of images and emotions that were not her own. They were Laura's. Her childhood, her dreams, her fears, her love, her loss. The memories painted a kaleidoscope of strange colors in her mind. Each hue represented a different emotion, a different memory, a different piece of Laura's life. 

Annette found herself immersed in the swirling vortex, awash in someone else's memories, her consciousness dancing on the knife-edge of identity. Just when the strange colors threatened to consume her, Annette found the strength to open her eyes. She found herself drenched in sweat with a strange, exotic pleasure flowing through her now perfect body as her swelling tummy slowly deflated.

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  1. Ah, interesting that the body swap, has the side affect of losing your identity.