Saturday, June 10, 2023

Becoming her jock boyfriend - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Being tall and wide felt so weird for Cameron. He swayed awkwardly towards Chad’s bathroom counter and stared into his bully’s eyes while he placed the freshly used costume gun on the counter. “I can’t believe this actually worked,” he said with his deep, booming voice. “Those guys at the engineering department really made something this advanced.” A twinge of guilt flooded his chest, especially since he had stolen the invention without permission. He was originally going to use it as a way to actually become his best friend, Olivia. But after spotting an opportunity to make Olivia happy for once, he decided that he needed to teach Chad a lesson and to finally have a chance to be somebody Olivia wanted.

Cameron had the biggest crush on her since high school. He tried to profess his feelings once in the past, and she put him down without hesitation. She wasn’t into the skinny nerd type – she strongly preferred men like Chad, her overly manipulative and abusive boyfriend. After using the costume gun to wear the boyfriend’s skin, Cameron had gone from a frail, short, and nerdy computer science major to a tall football player with unrealistically carved features. When he used the costume gun and injected Chad with a deflation bullet, he wasn’t expecting the process to be instantaneous. He saw the rage in his bully’s eyes before he immediately shrank into a pile of skin.

Cameron understood the instructions that the engineering department left behind, but the fact that he just altered another person’s body permanently left him feeling conflicted. He wasn’t sure if Chad was dead, or if he was going to know what he was doing while he wore his skin. It also didn’t help that pulling on the warm, freshly deflated skin grossed him out. Cameron wasn’t 100% sure that this was going to work, so if Chad was going to be a flattened costume forever, he was going to need to somehow dispose of the remains. 

But while he timidly pulled the jock’s skin over his legs and over the rest of his body, he felt his body morphing almost immediately. A warm, tingling energy started at his toes, washing over him like a summer wave. He shivered while an intense heat wrapped around his legs and began creeping up his torso. His skin tingled under the pressure while his hands gripped the bathroom counter. His legs first began to change. His calf muscles bulged, quivered and reformed, shaping into solid, chiseled structures while something in his back cracked. His thighs followed suit, the heat pulsating and twisting his muscles into firm, powerful limbs.

The sensation crawled upwards, warmth seeping into his abdomen and chest. His frail torso started to convulse slightly, muscles he didn't know he had begun to twitch and flex. He could feel his body expand, his stomach tautening, his shoulders widening. His arms, once skinny and weak, started to throb and enlarge, biceps and triceps taking form. Feeling a strange tugging sensation on his scalp, he looked into the mirror, gasping as his thin, wiry hair thickened, becoming lush and wavy. His vision blurred for a moment as the heat enveloped his face. 

The area between his legs hardened and lengthened, his shoulders broadened, and his spine cracked even louder now as he visibly grew taller. Before long, he looked like an exact copy of Chad looking into his eyes in disbelief. He paced around the jock’s apartment and felt a sense of confidence overwhelming him. He was actually strong, and when he looked at how long his manhood was now, the thought of what he could do in his new body made him hurry to the bedroom to text Olivia with Chad’s phone. There were a lot of things he could do now, and he fully planned on treating his new girlfriend like the princess she deserved to be.

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