Wednesday, June 28, 2023

My self-conscious best friend – Part 4

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Annette stirred beneath her old body and groaned when she realized that she was actually inside of Laura now. She vaguely remembered feeling her soul being forced through her cock before expanding and filling up every crevice of Laura’s transformed body. Now, her friend was trapped in a skinny version of her naked transgender body, and she was out cold from the swap. She gently helped her off her and placed her on the bed. A warmth seeped out of the emptiness between Annette’s sexy legs, and when she reached down to fondle her filth, she felt the wonderful surge of pleasure radiating from her new vagina. The magic of the potion had done its work in transferring her mind into a body she was willing to steal, but a strange coldness seeped through her.

She also felt increasingly uncomfortable. She slowly undid the strings around her black bra and crotch upon realizing that they felt too tight. Her wider waist and larger breasts made Laura’s swimsuit feel overly constricted. She was still in a daze when she spotted her old body’s swimsuit scattered across the floor. She pulled the swimsuit over her transformed body and smiled when she realized that it was a perfect fit. She turned to look at her old body lying still and asleep. A pang of guilt hit Annette, but it was quickly overshadowed by the sudden freezing sensation that flooded her body. Her hand instinctively shot up to her forehead to steady herself while she shivered.

She needed to warm up. Her old body’s cum steadily dripped out of her while she navigated the house. Since the outdoor pool was probably even colder than how she felt now, she figured a quick and hot shower should at least give her comfort. And when she stepped into the luxury bathroom to take her hot shower, the hot water was a welcome relief that completely made the freezing sensation go away.

As the water cascaded down her body, Annette enjoyed every sensation. The heat against her skin was intensely satisfying. She stayed under the spray until her skin turned a rosy pink, her body temperature regulated by the hot stream while she became more comfortable in her new body. A simple thought of getting fucked by her old body made her aroused while her seed dripped down her leg. She removed her swimsuit and allowed the warmth to completely envelope her while she washed her muscular physique.

Once down, she stepped out of the shower, and the mirror caught her eye. She stood there for a moment, drinking in her reflection. The woman who stared back was truly beautiful, her body the perfect blend of femininity and athleticism. A faint outline of muscles adorned her form. She had her body’s perfect thighs, breasts, and abs. Now, she was a much better version of Laura – she was a version that she had desperately wanted to become. “But now I’m the one living the fantasy,” she said with a smile. “God … this body’s perfect. I can’t believe how chiseled I look with her skin tone. And this pussy … fuck, I’ve got to try this. But not with her.”

That’s when it hit her. She ran a hand through her wet black hair, her eyes twinkling with newfound confidence. “Johnny,” she murmured happily. “I don’t know why she never found him attractive. They aren’t actual siblings. Maybe I’ll test it with him…” 

Annette stepped back into the guest bedroom, the wet footprints following her. She stayed naked and admired her bare body in the full-length mirror before looking back at Laura. She was trapped in her body now, and there was no way Annette was going to let her reverse anything. The longer she remained in her body, the more her brain would naturally rewire and make her think she was the real Annette. “I have potions that’ll make more adjustments. But I’ll figure that out later. I just have to make sure that doesn’t happen to me…”

As Annette quickly rummaged through her purse, she pulled out the third potion that she’d been hiding in secret. It was the only true way of preventing that from happening in her own body. While Laura had no idea about the negative side effects of being in another person’s body without the potion, Annette took a loud gulp to make sure there’d be no way of saving her mind by accident. She smirked one final time at her old body before leaving to rummage through Laura’s wardrobe for some clothes.

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