Friday, June 9, 2023

Taking my bully's place

A sudden burst of heat punctuated the room as Ken, with a seemingly uncharacteristic act of defiance, allowed the ancient spell book to slip from his grasp and into the roaring fireplace. The worn leather cover crackled and the archaic pages curled within the fiery jaws as if submitting to their fate. Olly, his childhood friend and reluctant partner in these adventures of the arcane, watched in stunned silence. He hadn't expected this from Ken. After all, it was that very book which made Ken into what he was now: Tianna.

As the flames consumed the spell book, an eerie hue of purple danced its way into existence, pulsating around the hearth, creating an ethereal spectacle. It was the signature color of the dark magic they'd dabbled in; the magic that had transformed Ken into Tianna. With each oscillation, the aura seemed to grow weaker and with it, the safety of Ken being returned to his previous body. Without the spell book, Tianna would never be able to use magic to fix things. Olly watched wide-eyed as the final tendrils of magic dissolved into the air and the fire returned to its natural amber glow.

Having been best friends since childhood, Ken and Olly had shared countless adventures. But this latest escapade had pushed their friendship into new territory. When Ken had initially used the spell book to become a woman, he'd done so out of curiosity and a sense of rebellious daring. He hadn't expected to feel so comfortable in Tianna's body.

Tianna had been a willing participant and the original owner of the spell book. She wanted to try it out in the first place. She was extremely pushy and was a bit of a bully whenever she spent time with them. The bossy girl wanted to know what it would be like to have a cock, and Ken had always been uncomfortable in his own skin. 

Now trapped as Tianna, he experienced a profound transformation not just physically, but emotionally as well. He loved his newly refreshed wardrobe, the femininity of it, the grace, and the confidence he got from it. He enjoyed the newfound attention he received, the looks of admiration from strangers who saw not just a beautiful woman, but someone confident and comfortable in their skin. It felt more than just right; it felt like home.

Olly had been supportive but cautious, always the voice of reason amidst Ken's whirlwind of excitement. "She’ll never forgive you,” Olly had warned, his voice layered with a concern Ken could barely acknowledge amidst his newfound joy. 

But Ken, standing in front of the dying fire, his features reflecting the pulsating glow, didn't look concerned. Instead, a gentle smile tugged at his lips. Deep down, this was what he wanted. He wanted to be beautiful. He wanted to be feminine. And most of all, he wanted to have a family, and as he turned to Olly, his desire only intensified. They had sex once, and that was all Ken needed to desperately want more. Ken finally spoke, his voice soft but resolute, "All of this is worth it if it's with you. Besides, she’s a bitch. A bully. She never deserved this body."

Olly, standing by the fireplace, was struck by the depth of Ken's conviction. Despite the uncertain future, he couldn't help but smile back at his friend, a silent promise echoing in his heart as they kissed each other. They’d face the wrath of Tianna eventually, but they still had each other to pull them through it. With the spell book gone, the bully would never get her body back, and all Tianna would be able to do is watch Ken live her life.

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  1. Looks like Tianna got a bit of karmatic justice at the end.