Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Getting comfortable in this young body

The mailbox clanged shut, and Lillian stood there, baffled, holding an opulent package in her hands. It was a quaint parcel from an unfamiliar company, a label she had never heard of - "Your Second Life". With a shrug, she opened the box, revealing a beautiful golden sapphire necklace. The necklace, with its mesmerizing allure, invited her to adorn it around her neck. Lillian hesitated initially, but the temptation to wear such a magnificent piece was too potent to resist. As she clasped it around her neck and looked at the mirror, she gasped. A dizzying wave hit her, and everything blacked out.

When she woke, Lillian found herself encased within the sapphire gemstone, the crystal walls of the necklace her prison. She could see herself in the mirror across the room. But that wasn't her. Her body was moving, but not of its volition. An unknown spirit had taken control. The body thief admired her reflection and ran a finger along her legs. Lillian screamed and screamed, but the person possessing her couldn’t hear her. “Geez, I wasn’t expecting to hit the jackpot with this body. I can’t believe how easy it was. All I needed was an address and I was finally set.” Her hand gave her bum a playful slap. “This sure beats the retirement home. God, I feel so fucking horny right now. I wasn’t actually expecting this to work, but you know what? The money spent was all worth it. Now, all I need is to get a real man.”

“To do what?” Lillian asked fearfully.

The body thief responded as if she could hear Lillian. “I can’t wait to seal myself into her. This is literally a second life, just like the salesman said.” While Lillian looked on helplessly, the body thief used her stolen flesh to embark on a spree of hedonistic escapades. It was like the spirit had decided to get comfortable in their new body. It didn’t take long for Lillian to realize that the body thief was an elderly woman. She made constant remarks about how she never felt this way in her youth, and how she loved the looks other men gave her whenever she’d walk by. The body thief took her body to a spa, luxuriating in the treatments and massages, then to a salon, where it got her nails done in bold, flashy colors Lillian would never choose. She watched the spectral manipulator take her to parties and nightclubs, dancing and flirting with an unabashed gaiety until she managed to snag one of the hottest guys there.

“You can call me Celeste,” the body thief whispered between kisses. Lillian was furious while she watched the body thief take the complete stranger back to her apartment. The man could barely keep his hands off her. Her fists clenched, and she began to hammer against the crystal walls of her entrapment. Each hit resonated through the gem, a defiance ringing loud and clear. Despite the discouraging solidity of the crystal, she continued pounding while the stranger fucked her body. The body thief moaned with each plunge. Sweat dripped down her face as her hands throbbed with pain, but she would not surrender. This necklace was her prison, and she would smash it apart.

Suddenly, she felt a tremor. The crystal wall shuddered under the force of her relentless onslaught. A surge of hope swept through her. She was making a difference. She was breaking free. With renewed vigor, she struck again, and again. She could actually feel the pleasure seeping throughout her body while she saw a crack in the necklace. But just before she could give one final punch, the man came inside of her. A heat radiated from between her legs, and a scorching pleasure forced Lillian to fall onto her hands and knees. The world went black, and she was locked away in the necklace forever.

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