Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Stuck in my stepsister - Part 4

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Part 4

Catherine watched her daughter Leah from the doorway and crossed her arms when she saw how loud and obnoxious she was being with her newest boyfriend. She was constantly bringing a new one over, and the tired mother wondered if this was just a phase or if this was the real her blossoming into young adulthood. Leah showed her body off way too often, and the oufits she chose made the mother afraid of what others would think of her. Catherine understood why she liked him – like all the other guys, he was tall, handsome, and unbelievably touchy. It almost made the mother uncomfortable. Leah never seemed like this until a few months ago, especially after Albert was kicked out. Catherine began wondering if her stepdaughter had always been the brat that Albert accused her of being.

Months ago, Catherine wondered if she should be worried, especially when her beautiful and determined stepdaughter had dropped out of school to pursue an online business. She never told her what it was until the mother stumbled upon messages by accident. She was shocked at first, but she promised herself that she would be supportive by not bringing it up with her. She figured the last thing Leah would want is her mother scolding her for posting nudes for money on OnlyFans.

“Where did I go wrong?” Catherine wondered. In her eyes, Leah was everything she could have wanted in a child. She was intelligent, talented, and driven to succeed. She was never the type of person who craved acceptance and romance. Leah kept to herself most of the time. But now, things had changed. She knew how beautiful she was and used that to her advantage for her OnlyFans career. 

Her viewers were infatuated with her, and her earnings grew day by day. Catherine should have been prouder of her daughter's accomplishments, but it almost felt wrong when she realized that Leah’s boyfriends were being guest participants for naughtier online videos. Obviously, Catherine wasn’t a big fan of showing off her body to complete strangers, but the money was endless, and things could have always been worse. 

In contrast, her son Albert had always been a disappointment. Despite her efforts to guide him and provide him with the same opportunities as Leah, he seemed to be on a path of self-destruction. Sadly, when Catherine heard that Albert had become homeless, the news devastated her since she felt so helpless. 

But she knew that she couldn’t help him, especially when he abruptly began developing some sort of undiagnosed mental illness. He had grown obsessed with his stepsister, and his mental health had taken a downturn when he insisted that he was Leah. She figured that it was a personality disorder, but Albert refused to get help. He kept screaming that they switched bodies somehow, but Catherine tearfully stayed by her stepdaughter’s side. Leah had remained calm – the only person who was becoming violent was her son.

After they successfully used every legal method of keeping him away from the family, Catherine could see that things were changing for the better at first. It gave Leah the space to grow and rearrange things in her life. The young woman ended up dropping out of school and completely changing. 

Catherine would have preferred it if Leah kept going with her studies, but she figured that she could always revisit her post secondary education sometime down the road with all her extra money. She would always be proud of Leah, no matter what path her life took. And as for Albert, she held onto a glimmer of hope that he would find his way back to sanity, and that one day, he too would find his own version of success.

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